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14 Feb

The immediate past Chairman of the National Population Commission, Eze Festus Odimegwu has said the All Progressives Congress (APC) owe it to Nigerians to secure the life of its presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari during the six weeks delay to the election and afterwards.

In an article titled “Why I Endorsed Buhari”, Odimegwu also urged that the Federal Government, as distinct from the ruling party, must take steps to secure the life of General Buhari as intrigues around elections thicken and that nothing should happen to him.


He warned that vested interests that may not want President Jonathan and General Buhari may work alone or in cooperation with others to impose a contrived and orchestrated interim government that is now gaining traction.


 “It is imaginable, given the annulment of June 12 under unclear circumstances, that this six weeks delay can have more supporters than are known. President Jonathan himself can lose control as during the trying time of the 1993 election crisis. It is imaginable that some vested interests may not want both President Jonathan and General Buhari and may work alone or in cooperation with others to impose a contrived and orchestrated interim government that is now gaining traction. Or coups or coups baits that are being mentioned, worsened also by giving security agencies more roles over election matters than necessary.” Odimegwu wrote in the article published on Saturday.


The former Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria Breweries Plc noted that Buhari now personifies the new hope for Nigeria and that the country may not survive if anything happens to him.  


He explained that “Nigerians need him (Buhari). Nigerians need change. What happened to Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, MKO Abiola and even Sani Abacha must not happen to him. Nigeria may not survive if it does. And the Federal Government should keep on a straight and narrow path to avoid boxing itself into a corner that can be hijacked out of its control. Deductive reasoning and good sense of applied history recommend this caution, given in the overall interest of our country.


“The forces that aborted June 12 could still be alive. General Buhari in many ways reminds one of MKO. Nigerians must shine their eyes beyond the ordinary and the conventional. Things seem to me now like the more one looks, the less one sees. There is a logical need therefore, based on the history of MKO’s political struggle to have cause for concern. Similarities, comments, personalities, etc. are emerging and trending. APC as a priority should secure the life of General Buhari. It is important for Nigeria and Nigerians. And as said earlier, this is also the task for the Federal Government, specifically the President. This bulk must stop on this table: no relegation, no excuses.” Odimegwu admonished.

He pointed out that Nigerians are hopeful that General Buhari will live for them and win the coming election to address the challenges facing the nation.


The article listed some of the challenges ahead of a Buhari Presidency as “To degrade, destroy and eliminate Boko Haram insurgency in the North, including immediate arrest and prosecution of sponsors, financiers and hate religious preachers and severe punishment of those implicated in the abuse of IDPs.


“To degrade, destroy and eliminate kidnapping and armed robbery kingpins and drug barons in the South East including removal of all criminals in traditional institutions and in political offices and parties through special courts for accelerated no nonsense hearing.


“To continue to contain militancy in the South South including arresting and prosecuting all sponsors and leaders of massive oil thefts and collaborating security organizations – private and state.


“To carry out a massive youth empowerment job creation and invest in education and vocational training targeting elimination of prostitution, human trafficking, modern day slavery and idleness of youths.


“Restore sanctity in the military and security agencies including severe disciplinary actions, jail terms and court marshalls for those who perpetrate corruption in security matters and intelligence officers that collaborate with criminals, by sitting on their files, allowing them into political offices.”


The challenges also include reducing the size of government and producing a peoples’ constitution.


Odimegwu further noted that “Upcoming democratic election gives Nigeria another chance and all signs point to Change, as a popular choice of most Nigerians and nothing should be allowed to derail that.


“General Buhari needs to be secured. Nigeria needs him. Nigerians want him. When his party wins the Presidency, Buhari should continue to provide integrity-based leadership.


“For now, all should do whatever is in their power to support the election of Buhari and ignore all campaign propaganda and mis-information and even assassination threats from panic-stricken political thugs. It is too late in the day for PDP. The party needs to take stock after losing and reform to become an effective opposition party. It will be good for its soul. And good for Nigeria. Above all, it will be good for Democracy: to keep the ruling party then, APC, in check. No condition is permanent, says the visionary Zik of Africa.” He concluded. Read Full length Article here



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09 Feb

Following the rescheduling of the 2015 general elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has once again extended the deadline for collection of Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) by registered voters.

The collection of the cards will continue for four more weeks until March 8th, 2015.

INEC had on Saturday, February 07th 2015, rescheduled the 2015 general elections by six weeks due to security challenges. The national elections (i.e. Presidential and National Assembly) have been rescheduled to hold on March 28th 2015 while the state elections (Governorship and State Assembly) will now hold on April 11th 2015.

The Commission hopes that this extension will finally avail every registered person yet to collect his/her PVC the opportunity to do so in readiness for the general elections.


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