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10 Dec

The Fusion Lifestyle Fair went all out on its fifth anniversary, holding two events in Abuja and Lagos, simultaneously. What was even more fascinating was that almost all the businesses that attended the fair in Abuja belonged to women.


The fair, which took place on Sunday at Riverplate Park in Wuse II, was every girl’s dream location as it featured a variety of fashion items and finger foods from several stands. Food, makeup, jewelry, and clothes were amongst the main offers of the event.


Of those businesses, was the Chocolate Company, which was run by Miss Retan Gukas. She had only established her savoury business a few months ago, but has gained name with her miniature chocolates, and the chocolate fountain.


Being a banker has not stopped Ms. Gukas from attending fairs to flaunt her unique chocolate fountain, and she believes a lot of women who don’t work weekdays benefit a lot from fairs and exhibitions like this one.


“Exhibitions help to empower women. A lot of women that are married and have families don’t like to do the conventional 9-5 job because they need time to attend to their kids and do other things, so exhibitions like these give them the opportunity to work, and they can also bring their kids,” she said.


Miss Halima Ahmed, who runs her lace and Ankara business from home, said the Fusion Fair has helped her get potential customers.


“It’s helping me fairly because when I sell my products here, people pay up on the spot,” she said.


“And also you get people’s contacts; it’s like advertising your business. If they don’t buy now, they’ll still call you,” she added.


Among the female entrepreneurs was also Miss Arlyn Quistadio, a Filipino, and co-founder of the Bread Palace, a bakery. She compared the Fusion Fair and other fairs she had been to in the Philippines and United Arab Emirates.


“We’re in the age where women are really empowered and encouraged to do business. It’s not really different in Philippines and Dubai. Here most businesswomen are active in joining fairs, and I believe Nigerian women are ready to involve themselves in business and making a name of their own,” she said. 


As little kids jumped around the field and their mothers made extra cash from sales at the fair, Miss Rose Keffas, from Borno State, couldn’t help but note the presence of women at the fair and what it meant to her, coming from the usually conservative, northern part of Nigeria.


“What impressed me is that I’ve seen a lot of women who are doing things for themselves,” she noted.


“They’re self developing, they’re self-employed. For us northerners, sometimes they just lock women at home, but I’m impressed seeing young women having their own business and doing different types of innovative things. People have come up with so many ideas: the fashion, the desserts, the food. Things we used to see in movies, we can now see them in Nigeria,” she added.


Miss Keffas said it made her happy to see women, especially the young ones, being their own bosses.


Hopefully as more Fusion Fairs and other exhibitions take place in the capital city, more women will take them as an opportunity to grow their businesses.

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24 Nov

The 2014 edition of the Abuja Carnival kicked off today, 24 November, with an exhibition at the Eagle Square, Abuja.


Although at the time of this report the event was yet to fully commence, a few stands at the venue were already set up with cultural artifacts like beads, sculptures, raffia fans, and tie and dye materials on display for sale.


One of the exhibitors, Mr Adebowale Banjo, from Osun State, expressed delight for the opportunity to be at the carnival.


“This is my first time at the carnival and I am very happy to be here,” he said. “I believe the carnival is going to be great and I hope that people will come out to patronize us.”


Elsewhere at the Cyprien Ekwensi Centre for Arts and Culture, students of various secondary schools in the Federal Capital Territory were gathered for dance rehearsals for the opening ceremony of the carnival which will take place tomorrow at the Eagle Square.


The Artistic Director of the Carnival, Mr Biodun Abe, has said that foreign contingents will not take part in this year’s carnival due to the outbreak of Ebola in some parts of Africa. However, it will feature the regular events like street parade, durbar, musical fiesta, boat regatta, and masquerade fiesta.

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