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16 Apr Written by  Member Feese

UN House Bombing Survivor to Nigerians: We Are All In This Together

Monday,  14 April 2014, was another sad day in the history of our nation with over seventy people dead and many wounded, suffering,  and in pain after the bomb blast at Nyanya, a suburb of Abuja .
Two and a half years ago, I was at the mercy of all Nigerians of goodwill who rallied round to ensure that I got the help I needed in order to be alive today to tell my story. I was lucky to survive albeit with severe disabilities.
Today my heart and prayers go out not only to the families of the dead and injured but to all Nigerians, as I believe WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.
On the 26 of August 2011 it was you, my family and friends, who were running around looking for me not knowing whether I was dead or alive. I heard that my Dad had to go into the morgue looking for me there. When finally he found me in the intensive care unit of the National Hospital he could not recognize me due to the severity of the injuries I suffered. I was lucky! I am still alive!
On Monday night as I watched, with difficulty, on television the report of the pain and suffering of those affected and in pain, the agony of those families who lost members in this unnecessary act of hatred, it calls to memory what we have been through. My heart and prayers go out to everyone.
Unfortunately not much lessons have been learned in caring for the wounded. With very limited infrastructure we need nothing short of the miracle of God to help relieve the pain and suffering of those affected.
As for the families of the dead and injured, my prayer is that the government and indeed all Nigerians will remember them not just in prayers but also to support and counsel them. It is going to be a hard and long journey. We should know, as we have been travelling on this road for the past two years.
My organisation, TeamMember, is considering some high-profile advocacy activities to put this sad event on the front agenda of politicians and our leaders so that they do not leave these families to their fates at their time of need. We are also considering visiting hospitals to see the injured and to raise money to pay for medication or food for the very poor in Nyanya hospital.
On my part, I would love to hold someone’s hand and just say to him or her that “God willing, it will be alright …and this too shall pass away…

But there is strength in number.

***Member Feese, who was caught in the UN House Bombing in Abuja on 26 August 2011, was given 3% chance of survival when she was evacuated to the UK. She survived. She is the founder of TeamMember, an advocacy group.

Twitter: @iamteammember
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