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19 Feb Written by  m

8 Ways to Stay Cool this Heat Season

Harmattan is long gone but for the dust specks on office desks, and the humid weather seems to be getting only worse. According to forecasts, the average daytime weather in Abuja has been 40C. Little wonder fans are swirling and the air conditionings are whirring, all attempts at keeping cool.

Here are a few things you can to do keep cool this hot season.

Hydrate: It is essential to keep hydrated. Doctors recommend that we drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. We sweat more this period, hence, the need for constant replacement. Switch from drinking hot tea and coffee to iced tea and cold beverages.


Wear loose clothing: Right about now, cotton, not leather or silk, should be man’s best friend. Boho dresses, loose culottes, crop tops, flowing skirts and maxi dresses are all currently trending for good reason. Look up these trends online and see how you can mix and match them. Use light colors preferably. For those whose workplaces demand they wear suits all hours of the day, take off your suit when stepping out into the sun for lunch or miscellaneous errands.

Limit outdoor activity: By limiting physical activity, you can reduce your chances of feeling the heat. Instead of going for a run or swim outside, use a treadmill at the gym or go to an indoor swimming pool. Try some indoor activities. Watch movies, read, play video games.

Shower Often:  Staying indoors might be counterproductive for some people. It is good advice to take a bath more than once a day. It keeps you feeling fresh and wards off any pleasant smell that might affect others. Cleanliness is next to godliness too, they say.

Locate Cool Leisure Places: If you must go out, locate cool recreational spots. Go to the movies. The air conditioning at Ceddi and Silverbird are known to be a constant freezer. Go watch a movie with a friend. It’s also the perfect excuse to go out if your AC is not working. For those who don’t want to spend a kobo, the halls at the cinemas, malls, or public library are also cool and the perfect place to while away time. You could also spend some time at gardens, under a shade.

Treat Yourself: Treat yourself to a nice cup of ice cream or chilled fura da nono. Frozen yoghurt will forever be a favorite with many Abuja residents. Have some at Yogurberry or Tutti Frutti. For weight watchers, how about some cold fruit and chilled water? Generally, eat cooler dishes.Take it easy on the spice when cooking, and try to avoid consuming really hot meals.

Accomplish More Tasks at Night: Procrastination has never been a good advice, but this is the time to shift some energy consuming activities to evening when the weather is generally cooler. Wait till around 4 or 5 p.m. to step out and tick off your to do list. For grocery shoppers, most markets are still open till about 7 in the evening, while shopping malls are open till much later hours.

Use Battery Powered or Rechargeable Fans: With the unreliable power supply in the country, it is wise to get a backup, should there be power outage. One can easily get a medium sized rechargeable standing fan in the market for N7, 000, sometimes even less. Charge it when there is power. Otherwise settle for the manual hand fan, they come in different colors, sizes, and some even come in traditional intricate designs.


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