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Diary of an Abuja Billionaire: Week 24

Jamal is an Abuja-based billionaire bachelor and businessman who works hard and parties hard. Welcome to his world.

Week 24



The flight back to Abuja was tense; I was mad at my mother. Why does she choose to remain bitter and cold, even when she’s dying? I didn’t go to the office but slept till 8pm, when my assistant woke me up to a phone call from Aliyu, who will be in town next week. Zainab spent the night at my place and tried to reassure me that my mother, my only closest family member, will not miss our wedding.



Yesterday I missed the first day of an economic forum, and was briefed at the meetings today. The conference, lunch and talks took all day, and afterwards Zainab joined me for a dinner with some of the delegates from Asia, and the whole table wanted to attend our wedding. As I dropped Zainab home in my Maserati, she told me she tried calling my mother but got no response. “Forget about that woman,” I told her.



At the economic forum today I was invited to give a speech about business, and the laughs from the audience at my humorous anecdotes and the clamour for my attention after the event told me it was a success. I dispatched a small team to Switzerland as I was having problems purchasing a chalet there, and my plans for a women’s jewellery line was also encountering some setbacks. I had a Paintball party/BBQ at the extensive grounds of my mansion and Zainab, Stanley and Bunmi, Anthony and Diana and some of my Lebanese and Arab associates attended. We had such fun, I think I’ll make it a regular mid-week event.



Zainab wanted us to go for a couple’s pre-wedding counselling, but I was sceptical. My therapy-calls with Dr Ferral was enough. “But we still need to clear the air on some issues before we tie the knot,” she said, and my mind flashed back to Nnenna. I felt a thrill surge through my body; part of me wanted to experience that excitement again. Dr Ferral suggested doing something energetic during the week to fend off my lusts, which was the idea behind the paintballing. But nothing can match secret sex for excitement.



My office was buzzing all day after the Android phones I’d had shipped in for all my staff and security was distributed. I was in meetings with Chinese businessmen all morning, and we all had a late lunch at Trancorp Hilton’s Fulani bar where they were staying. Zainab and I enjoyed movie night in my private cinema, where we ate shawarmas and popcorn and watched the latest Hollywood blockbuster that was dispatched to me straight from LA a day after the film’s premiere.



Zainab and I attended her cousin’s wedding today, and she looked gorgeous in her navy bridesmaid dress with her hair up, and I wore a navy Burberry suit, red silk Hermes tie and Ferragamo shoes. At the reception we sat with some of the young couples we’d known for years and had a great time, although one of them made a crude joke about myself and Cynthia. I had too much Champagne at the after-party held at a suite at Sheraton Hotel ,and Zainab had to drive us home at 3am in my BMW 3 Series Coupe.



I was invited to a lecture by a top Swiss diplomat, and used the opportunity to seek his help on my difficulties purchasing a chalet in Switzerland. He said he’ll clear the issue when he returned to his country next week. Pastor Phil called today as I hadn’t been in church for a while. I told him I’d been very busy but will see him soon about couple’s counselling, since Zainab was insisting. “Another thing Jamal, Chika from the choir is pregnant, and she says that you could be the father.”