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Diary of an Abuja Billionaire: Week 25

Jamal is an Abuja-based billionaire bachelor and businessman who works hard and parties hard. Welcome to his world.


Week 25



Pastor Phil and Chika were at my office today, and I raged at the girl, calling her foolish for daring to implicate me in her wayward affairs. “But Mr Jamal you remember that time I followed you home ba?” I told her yes, but I’m always very careful and only one woman had ever been pregnant for me and I know how I dealt with it. I ordered a DNA test immediately the baby was born and swore them to secrecy, as she said she only told the Pastor. Thank God my office walls are sound-proof.



I arrived in Sierra Leone this morning after an overnight flight in order to finalise some business, and on the way here on my jet I had a conference call with Mr Nwafor, who along with his colleagues was shaping my political ambitions. I’ve known him for 10 years now and his ambitions for my future was immense. He had rejected a political appointment on my behalf, but I told him we had to start small. “Relax Jamal, I know what I’m doing,” he said.



I returned to Abuja this afternoon and Aliyu was waiting for me at my Asokoro mansion with his wife Miriam, where they’ll be staying for some days before heading to Kaduna. They had arrived from England this morning. Zainab, Stanley and a few others were also there, and it seemed apparent that Miriam was pregnant already. Zainab and I have agreed to wait a year after marriage before having children, there’s no rush it. We all had dinner and cocktails and Aliyu and I spoke for hours into the night, and when I eventually told him about Nnenna, he couldn’t believe it. “Why?” he asked. “It was just a one-off, it won’t happen again,” I assured him.



I still hadn’t heard from my mother after our visit, and Zainab was worried but I didn’t care. My relationship with her was changed forever when I found out she'd been seeing Uncle Gumbo behind my father’s back. Everything else since then was just formalities. I got confirmation that Chika was three months pregnant, but she’d followed me home more than four months ago so I couldn’t be the father. Stupid girl. I called her to my office and told her there’ll still be DNA tests for full proof after the child was born, but I know she knows I'm not the father and if she didn’t want me to ruin her life she better tell Pastor the truth and never mention my name to anyone again. She left my office in tears.



Aliyu and Miriam and Stanley and Bunmi joined Zainab and I on my jet to Lagos so we could spend the weekend at my yacht. On board was a chef, waiters, orchestra, security staff and the captain, and we spent the day eating, drinking, swimming, jet-skiing, talking, taking pictures and relaxing. Alhaji was in town on business and stopped by for a visit, and some other associates also visited throughout the evening. We had a lobster and champagne dinner, a dance group entertained us, and the orchestra played throughout the evening.



We woke up to a pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausages, and after a morning swim Zainab and Bunmi went shopping, Aliyu and Miriam visited family, and Stanley met with some friends. I did some work on board in my private office. I received reports that Ishaya was gallivanting around Kaduna with an unknown woman he’d found somewhere, and my Maiduguri office and property had been attacked along with other properties in the area by terrorists. We went to a much-hyped music concert tonight, and our million naira table was right at the front so that the male artists kept serenading Zainab and the other ladies.



The father of one of my Abuja secretaries died so I paid for the funeral and sent my PA to represent me at the burial. Aliyu and Miriam left for Kaduna this afternoon,and the rest of us flew back to Abuja this evening. As I was dropping Zainab home in my Bentley, she received a call from one of her sisters who said their father, who was so full of life on my yacht two days ago, had been rushed to hospital after a heart attack. Zainab was in tears as we did a u-turn and rushed to the hospital.