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 Ladi Opaluwa was born in Ankpa, Kogi State. She holds a BA in Mass Communication and lives in Abuja where she works as a staff writer for Metropole Magazine. Her work has appeared in Africanwriters, Hackwriters, Muse Apprentice Guild, The Sun newspaper, and Daily Trust newspaper. In 2011, she was a resident at the Ebedi International Writers Residency.  

 Ladi writes every Friday for Metro Views. Here are the links to her past articles:

An Evening with Eugenia Abu

Since ‘99 

Profile of the Photographer as a Businessman 

Bishop Kukah Gets His Audience Laughing 

The Demystification of Ese Walter

The Blog of Fleeting Good Intentions

The Anatomy of a Presidential Speech

One Night as an Art Enthusiast 

Unearthing the Bwari Pottery Village

24 Hours in 10 Candid Photos 

How Hath the Young Aged 

6 Reasons to Make a New Year Resolution  

Nine Reasons to Stop Eating Out

The Year in Football  

Towards the End of the Year

'Indigo' at Salamander Café 

The Three Musketeers 

Incidences on the Highway 

So Masquerades, Too, Are Human

Slouching Towards Abuja 

Three Things I Fear Most  

Those Text Messages

The Road to Fame 

Love Poems  

All that Jazz

Notes on a Concert

Waiting for a Ride 

Nigeria and the Caine Prize 

Do We Need New Names? 

Big Brother Mania 

Mob Justice in Zone 5

Workshop Calling

The Road to Fame

Living on the Edge

A Short Note Our Favourite Words

Lyrical Name Game 

A Thought for Abused Men

Waiting for Brandy

A Small Island 

I Remember Styl-Plus 

A Room Full of Trash 

If You Want To Be Loved 

In Nollywood, Delay Becomes Denial 

Lord, Make Me a Feminist 

Of Free Concerts and Coerced Spectators

On Becoming a Relationship Counsellor 

Out of Place 

Portrait of a Modern Bride 

The Joys and Pains of Womanhood 

The Art of Buying







10 Jan

  Oris Aigbokhaevbolo attended the University of Benin from where he wrote a book review for The Sunday Sun's print-only literary supplement. Subsequently, his reviews and essays have appeared in The Guardian (Nigeria), This Day and The Nation newspapers. When Mr Aigbokhaevbolo isn't on the road he lives in Abuja, covers the Culture scene and tweets one-liners @catchoris 

Oris writes every Wednesday for Metro Views. Here are the links to his past articles:  


Famzing Cobhams

A Brief History of Failed Namings

Conversations at a Wedding

Notes on the Etisalat Prize For Literature Ceremony

What Does Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Bafta Win Mean For Enugu?

Dreaming of Buhari 

On the Grammys, Hip-Hop, and Femi Kuti 

Still on the Anti-Gay Law 

A Day at the Dentist's 

A Day at the Dentist's 

Laughter and Other Crimes 

Keeping Up Appearances

Celebrity Sightings in Abujay 

Why Do We Have the Worst of Everything? 

The Bank Job 

Mandela and the Uses of Anger 

Man Walks into Indian Restaurant 

Whose Radio Is It Anyway? 

Let Us Now Raise Libraries 

One Hundred Minutes of Hell 

A Few Strokes of Caine 

The Case for Elopement 

On Buses, Ballads, and Bias 

The Assault on Sleep



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