Penis Enlargement Tips, Tricks & Secrets for the Fastest Growth

How Enlargement Works

Millions of men experience the anguish of a below average penis, a huge detriment to their sexual and romantic lives.  Simply put, it is vastly more difficult for a man to pleasure a woman with a small penis.

As sad as it is, sexual prowess is an important part of relationships in our society – perhaps most of all because of the anxiety the man feels, as women often tolerate the man’s sexual inadequacies.  Still, though, no matter how saintly a woman, a man suffering from a small penis or libido, he cannot shake the feelings of weakness and impotency he gets in the bedroom.

It is foolish to feel a small penis is your cross to bear, however.  Scientific research and clinical studies were done by scientists in Italy and Japan have shown certain methods of penile expansion and growth to be effective.

Nevertheless, the anxiety men feel over taking penis enlargement products is often greater than that caused by their condition.

There are, of course, a multitude of options out there, many shoddy and some even scams.  Nevertheless, it is medically possible to increase the size of your penis without going under the knife or using dangerous products and devices.

There are numerous ways to go about the procedure, including supplemental pills, penis patches, penis exercises, and a variety of other techniques.

In order to understand what method is best for you, you first have to understand the biology behind penis enlargement.  While there are a couple of physiological changes you can undergo to promote penis growth, the most popular involves a dual combination of increasing penile blood flow and blood capacity.

The logic goes like this: more blood flow to the penis increases the size of an erection, which is often a major problem for those men suffering from inadequate penis size.

Some popular pharmaceuticals achieve this goal – Viagra, for instance.  The second step, however, is not as commonly pursued – that of increasing blood capacity.  This is achieved by stretching, which can be done with simple exercise techniques, small, easy-to-use-and-understand devices, and yes, penis pills.

Enlargement Devices

Probably the most maligned and misunderstood of male enhancement products, enlargement devices are often associated with pumps and other bona fide bad ideas.  We cannot stress enough: avoid penis pumps.  The potential tissue damage, including penis rupturing, impotence, or a permanent inability to get an erection are very common side effects.  That aside, there are some other kinds of devices that do work.

Penis enlargement devices are based on the traction method, which is the use of an external scaffold to gently stretch the tissue.  This method has been used for cosmetic reasons by many different cultures, such as the Kayan people of Myanmar, whose women are famous for the use of metal rings to lengthen their necks.

In fact, large piercing and other forms of body modification you have to “work into” act just the same.  Traction is also common in the medical profession; patients suffering from burns and in need of skin graphs are treated with the technique to revitalize damaged tissues.

In a similar vein, traction can be applied to lengthening the penis.  Done correctly and with the proper knowledge, it can be a highly effective, economical and safe way towards penis enlargement.

By attaching a penis extender, the penis is gently stretched. Micro-fissures in penile tissue is formed and then filled with new tissue, resulting in a greater length and girth.  Some men report extraordinary gains over 30% of penis size; more typically, however, is a 5-20% change in size over six months.  Devices become more effective the longer they are worn.

Penis Enlargement Pills and Patches

Used to engorge the penis with blood, penis pills, and patches in subtle ways, penis pills typically function by increasing blood flow.  Most are advertised as being all-natural and are often taken from the traditions of many tried-and-true indigenous cultures. There are also many clinical studies suggesting these are actually beneficial – not only for penis enlargement but for general libido and erection dysfunction as well.

Penis pills operate by expanding the capacity of the chamber filled by blood during an erection, the corpora cavernosa.  This network of capillaries and blood vessels, just like any other part of the body, will adapt to a change of blood pressure by expanding.

Consistent use of penis enlargement pills and patches will result in a permanent change in penis size, though a daily regiment must be maintained.

A common concern of consumers considering the use of penis enlargement products is whether they work or not.

There are reputable companies out there in spite of the industry’s horrid reputation.  Consider talking to a doctor you are comfortable with about your options if you are worried about the efficacy of a pill.

However, the ingredients of most penis pills are safe and, even in the event of you experiencing no change in penis size, are often very healthy for you.  There is not much to worry about as far as negative side effects go, excepting the rare chance you might experience an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients or have a pre-existing medical condition.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercise programs are often done in parallel with penis enlargement pills and patches.  Many exercises function in a similar way to penis devices, although many men prefer exercise over the use of a device because it is more natural and not as associated with risk.  Either way, it can be a very effective strategy.

The use of exercise to stimulate penis growth has been in human knowledge for generations, with men using techniques such as jelqing to promote penile growth.

This form of penile enhancement is a simple massaging used to open up the chambers of the penis in a flaccid state.  Persistent use of jelqing can result in the penis having a larger blood capacity and consequently a greater girth and length.

Other methods abound.

Kegel exercises are commonly practiced for many sexual reasons, and some men feel the use of Kegel exercises can result in a healthier (and indeed longer) penis.  There are also many stretching exercises that operate almost identically to penis devices, except the discomfort of the apparatus is not an issue.

Whatever the case, if you decide to practice a penis exercise, it is recommended that you consider the use of a penis pill – the best results are seen when the two methods are used in conjunction with each other.

Penis Extender Reviews

The past two decades have witnessed an explosion of interest in the possibilities of penis extenders or devices, as some marketers have termed them.  Many of the consumers who write in to us ask about the efficacy of these products and whether they are worth the investment.  After months of testing by the reviewers at Male Enhancement HQ and reviewing the response we have got from consumers, we feel confident to be able to share some information about these extenders.  Hope it helps you in deciding whether to use one.

How Does a Penis Enlargement Device Work?

Penis enlargement extenders function by gradually stretching penile tissue over a long period of time.  There is a common misconception that the penis is somehow different from the rest of the body.  An analogy with stretching or weight lifting may serve to illustrate.  Consistently exercising a muscle causes micro-fissures in the tissue, which are then replaced with new tissue.  This is why muscles get bigger through weight lifting or why consistently trying to touch your toes will eventually result in an ability to touch them.  The tissue gets bigger and more elastic.
Penile tissue is not, to be sure, muscle tissue.  Some people have got it into their heads that they can lift weights with their penis – we assure you, not only is this not going to lengthen your penis but it puts you as considerable bodily harm.  But the penis is made of bodily tissue, and it is subject to the same processes of wear and tear and rehealing as any other part of the body (with the exception of the Nervous System, which, once damaged, is almost impossible to repair).
The penis gains elasticity and size by gently applying pressure and stretching to it using a technique known as traction.  Traction is used for many cosmetic and medical purposes.  For example, everyone has seen the pictures of indigenous peoples of Africa and Asia undergoing extensive body modification with large lip piercing or using gold rings to lengthen their necks.  In the medical field, traction is used to replace skin removed from burns or severe trauma; skin graphs involve the slow transfer of skin from one part of the body to another, with the skin “stretched” to cover the areas.  This can result in the creation of whole new tissue.
Penis enlargement devices are much simpler procedures, of course.  They simply add a small amount of pressure to the penis and make it stretch slowly and steadily.  They are generally considered convenient and easy to use, though some men find them irritating to walk around with.  The devices are attached to the base and end of the penis and have adjustable amounts of force that can be set.  We advise using them for no longer than 3 to 4 hours a day and to not overdo it by adding more pressure than is comfortable.

What Benefits Do Penis Enlargement Devices Give?

Penis enlargement extenders offer a different set of benefits than most male enhancement products.  Penis enlargement devices increase the number of cells through stretching and thus increases the length and girth of the penis in flaccid and erect states.  Unlike penis pills, enlargement devices don’t have any effect on libido, performance, issues of sexual dysfunction or ejaculatory problems.  For some people, this is not ideal, but for others who are only concerned with the size of their penis, it is often an optimal choice.
Many men consider them to be a more permanent solution to issues of sexual anxiety caused by inadequate penis size, although we think penis pills are just as capable of permanent changes, provided legitimate pills are taken and some sort of exercise plan is followed.  Penis enlargement pills are typically used by men seeking maximum gains, as the amount of pressure put on the penis can be adjusted.  Used properly, they are perfectly safe and accomplish their purpose.

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

Although penis extenders are recommended by doctors, many website that sell extenders falsely advertise  their product as being medically approved.  We recommend asking the company any questions you might have; those that don’t respond or give you a spam response are companies you should not buy from.  Additionally, if their website looks like a porn site, it is probably not legit.  Fact is, respectable companies have respectable websites – and half-naked women are typically not a sign of professional business practices.
WE CANNOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH: if you chose to use a penis enlargement extender, start small.  Slow, incremental change is the best way to start – you can try more pressure once you are familiar with the feel of things. They do work if you use them properly.  Used without caution, you can seriously damage your penis – so pay attention to the instructions and, most of all, use common sense.

Male Enhancement HQ Recommendations

With this information in mind, we offer the following recommendations.  Penis extenders and devices all operate on the same basic principles outlined above.  The devil is in the details.  Many extenders are shoddy and overpriced – and it is a discomfiting feeling to open a box and see a scary tangle of plastic and metal that you are supposed to put on your penis.  But there are legitimate, safe and reputable extenders on the market and if you believe it is something you want to try we recommend ProExtender.


ProExtender comes in a comprehensive package designed to increase the size of a small penis.  It is rare among male enhancement products as it is classified as a Medical Device Type 1 by European Union health authorities and has been certified by the International Organization for Standardization.  It has undergone extensive clinical trials and guarantees its results. Unlike many penis extenders, ProExtender is widely considered to be comfortable and the traction device facilitates the growth of tissue in a relatively unnoticeable manner because of the comfort mechanism integrated into it.
The results speak for themselves: many men are surprised at the large differences they see, and ProExtender has an archive of before and after pictures available for your perusal.  They also have an extensive collection of testimonials speaking about the product to help you be more informed.  ProExtender’s success is entirely driven by its happy clientele, and that is the best recommendation you can get in this industry.  It is even offered by doctors and clinicians throughout the world, including urologists, who often prescribe it to men suffering from excessively curved penises that interfere with proper urination.
The company offers a complete package. The first part being a traction device that has been shown to increase size by up to three inches, as well as thickening the girth of the penis.  It uses a rubber strap rather than a silicon one, ensuring a more comfortable experience – an important consideration, because many men cease using penis extenders because of their all-too-frequently uncomfortable nature.  It also allows the user to wear it for longer periods of low intensity stretching.  The second part of the package gives access to ProExtender’s online exercise program to be used in tandem with the  traction device, a valuable tool to keep you on track and practicing safely.  In addition, VigRx and Semanex pills are included to maximize the effects of ProExtender.
Male Enhancement HQ would recommend ProExtender first and foremost above other products because of the comprehensive package it comes in and the large base of satisfied customers recommending it.  While expensive, ProExtender has a 75 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it, a condition rarely extended by other companies, a testament to the confidence ProExtender has in its methodology.

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Penis enlargement devices work by slowly stretching penile tissue in order to stimulate new growth.

Used properly, penis enlargement extenders and devices are a safe and effective way of increasing penile girth and length.

Yes, it’s true – penis extenders do increase penis size.

Research your companies.  Ask them questions about their product – do they respond?  If so, are you talking to a human being or a bot?

BE SMART: the penis is one part of your body where you don’t want to see what your limitations are.  DO NOT set the pressure of a penis extender to uncomfortable levels.  Use common sense.

Penis Enlargement Pill Reviews

There is tons of information you should know before buying male enhancement pills. We have compiled a wealth of information to explore concerning the industry about the benefits and risks of using penis enlargement products, and there are certainly pills that we feel it is safe to say work. Nevertheless, many are, frankly, scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Be informed

First things first – always know what you are putting into your body. Any reputable penis enlargement pill should have its own website and a comprehensive list of the ingredients in the supplement. If you do not see the ingredients, do not even consider buying it. For all you know, it is a hundred dollar bottle of sugar.
Reputable companies have reputable websites. Pictures of naked women and borderline pornographic images are not the calling cards of a safe or trustworthy business. Just because it appeals to the eye does not mean it appeals to reason.
Just like any company, consider the customer service. Do they offer guarantees? Do they respond to your emails quickly and do they give you real information? If you don’t know, find out. If you have medical conditions, ask whether the drug conflicts with them. If you have serious medical concerns, however, consult a doctor. You can never be too safe.

Understand the ingredients

Obviously, the most important part of a penis enlargement pill are the ingredients that go into it. Many men report that the pill they are taking does not help them at all. Be sure you know what the ingredients are. If the website doesn’t say, odds are better than even it’s a scam to take your money. With as many businesses offering male enhancement products as there are, there’s no sense in buying from a website that doesn’t tell you the whole picture.
There is also the issue of safety. You’d like to know whether to put diesel or regular into your truck, right? Well, the human body is vastly more complex – if you don’t know what’s in a pill, you might end up being allergic to an ingredient – or worse. Check the bottle, and ask any questions you still have.

Do herbal Penile Supplements Work?

Believe it or not, some do. The penis pill market is definitely a true instance of “getting what you pay for”.
People have been taking herbal remedies since before written history. The idea of using herbs to cure or enhance the body is hardly a novel idea. The range of uses runs the gamut from chronic depression to sexual dysfunction to bacterial infection. Applying herbs to the promotion of penile growth is not any different.
The herbs put into reputable penis enlargement pills are chosen from a wide field of possible herbs and organic matter to create a holistic approach. Each one should target a specific part of the body to create a new equilibrium. Herbs have been shown to alleviate hormonal imbalance, affect blood pressure and circulation, the amount of vigor and energy you feel and even beneficially influence brain chemistry.
Putting your house in order with a supplement cocktail can have amazing effects on your penis and sex life. It can also effect the size of your penis in ways many people are tempted to immediately discount.

Three Ways Penile Supplements Work

First and foremost, penis supplements effect the libido. A good pill will improve a man’s sex drive and sexual stamina because of its effect on the cardiovascular system.
Second, penis pills directly effect the quality of erections you can have. Many relax the vessels of the penis, providing for a higher blood capacity and thus a larger erection. It will also be harder and you will enjoy sex more than before due to the increased sensitivity.
Last, but not least, many of the pills are additionally loaded with nutrients conducive to more potent orgasms. Some of these same herbs are responsible for permanent expansion of penile capillaries.
Research and understand what the ingredients do. We cannot stress this enough – learn about what you are putting in your body!

What Do We Recommend?

Male Enhancement HQ has evaluated many of the penis enlargement pills on market and determined, based on consumer satisfaction and clinical research, the best options available. Two we can especially recommend are VigRX Plus and Pro Solution Pills.

Many consumers have responded to us with high praise for VigRx Plus, and in addition, some of our web masters swear by it. It is no small coincidence that VigRx Plus also has prompt and efficient customer service and maintained a professional and courteous demeanor in our exchanges with them. Many companies claim to be respectful and orderly companies but very few are. Countless times, we have emailed business and either received no response or computer generated spam mail.

VigRx Plus is the most recent incarnation of the original VigRx, and it builds on the success of the original pill with a cocktail of more herbs including Tribulus, Epimedium, Damiana and Ginkgo Biloba. VigRx Plus employs a herbal formula many men find to be extremely successful, with many reporting changes in girth and length of up to 20%. New to VigRx Plus is the addition of Bioperine, a drug which helps the absorption of the supplements in the pill.
The pill is a powerful aphrodisiac in its own right and is well-known for the effect it has on erections. Most men who take the drug experience a greater staying power, and those experienced with a multitude of male enhancement supplements often cite the quicker results relative to other penis enlargement products.
VigRx Plus has the added benefit of coming with a set of penis enlargement exercises that, in conjunction with the use of the pill, contribute to faster growth and permanent gains.

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Do not buy any product with unlisted ingredients.

Research and understand what the pill does.

Ask the company questions. If you have medical conditions, consult a doctor or ask the company.

Bad customer service usually means a bad product. Find ones that offer a guarantee of your money back.

We recommend VigRx Plus and Pro Solution Pills though there are many pills men report as being successful.

A Few Final Comments

Don’t combine penis enlargement products! Some of the ingredients may be in conflict with each other and can throw off the holistic approach the drugs are designed to promote. In some cases they can cause nasty side effects.

We strongly recommend using penis exercise techniques with the use of a penis enlargement pill. Most men find this to be the best and most successful way of male enhancement.

Finally, don’t be afraid to try penis enlargement products. The anxiety many men feel about their small penis is avoidable – you can change your problem with dedication and hard work.

Carpe diem – there’s no time like today!

Enlargement Exercise Reviews

There is a certain terror unique to knowing you are bound to disappoint a woman with an inadequate penis.  Those who have not experienced it gravely underestimate the anxiety men who suffer from this condition feel.  So it is not an understatement to say that it will actually make someone’s life better if they can increase the size of their penis; it takes the burden of being an unsatisfactory lover off their shoulders.
Penis enlargement exercises have been used by men for at least thousands of years, and the idea of stimulating penis growth is nothing new.  Today, they are most commonly done while using penis enlargement pills or penis extenders, but they are also a good stand-alone procedure for anyone interested in it.
However, it is difficult to know which ones work.  There is a wealth of information online, but it is hard for the consumer to tell which works and which does not.  We have compiled here a list of what we think are the best programs available after reviewing consumer reports and interviews and the integrity of the companies offering the programs.  As expected, very few of the penis enlargement exercises online do anything – most are scams.

Our #1 Recommendation – Erection Fitness

The best program for exercise enlargement on the market today is Erection Fitness. While there are a couple programs that come close to the comprehensiveness of it, none are as successful in their aims and ease of use. Customer satisfaction is the determining factor here; many testimonials speak of the high quality and expertise in the DVD package. Erection Fitness gives a wealth of information about penis growth and if followed will result in an increase in length and girth.
Erection Fitness’s program includes a DVD featuring over thirty-three techniques and exercises that enlarge the penis, which also comprises nine exercises unique to Erection Fitness. The well researched and documented techniques differ from the usual exercise programs in that they have been tried and tested to ensure that they work – a welcome change from the usual exercise recycling these programs entail.
Another major selling point is the customer support offered by the company – Erection Fitness answers inquiries with real people, not spambots, every hour of the day and every day of the week. Their customer service is knowledgeable and individualized to your needs. Furthermore, our experience was positive in that they sought to answer our questions, not pitch the product. In addition, Erection Fitness features regular updates, an active forum frequented by men also using penis enhancement products and expert advice from medical professionals.
Last, but not least, Erection Fitness comes with a six-month money-back guarantee, a reflection of the high faith they put in their product and the results you will get from it. Because of the high quality of customer support, tried-and-tested results and the inclusive community of users and experts opened to you through the product, we place Erection Fitness as the best option for a penis exercise program.

Click Here to Try Erection Fitness

Our #2 Recommendation – Penis Development

The Penis Development program is a close second, a slightly cheaper alternative to Penis Health.  The whole package includes an informative DVD and lifetime membership to the Penis Development online program.  Penis Development is run by a very professional staff of experts with a wide range of experience.  Many of the people working on its team have experienced the benefits of penis exercises themselves and are happy to share their stories with you.
What separates Penis Development from the chaff is its customer support, a knowledgeable and courteous team working round the clock to answer questions and concerns.  Our experience with them was similar to Penis Health, in that we got a hold of real people for our inquiries – however, Penis Health was a little faster in its response and the phone calls were easier to get through.  Nevertheless, we give them high marks – it is rare to talk to actual people in this industry!
Penis Development has a six-month guarantee on its product – if you don’t like it, you are free to return it for a full refund.  We rank it lower than Penis Health because it is not as comprehensive in its approach and its forums are admittedly not as helpful.  However, it is a cheaper product and for most men should satisfy most of the questions you have and provide some solutions to inadequate penis size.

Our #3 Recommendation – Penis Video

Similar in function to both Penis Health and Penis Development, Penis Video advertises itself as offering gains up to three inches and an ability to expand girth by up to 20%.  We think these claims are exaggerated, but there is a wealth of testimonials out there suggesting that while you may not see gains of three inches with the exercises this program promotes, you can expect to see a change in length and diameter of around 15% and a couple of inches.
Penis Video is cheaper than some of the other programs, and its customer service is not as comprehensive as others and its forums are relatively unpopulated.  Nevertheless, men with a do-it-yourself attitude are invited to try this approach, as it is effective if followed and will bring results.  Most men who follow the Penis Video routine find that they get the gains they want and often experience a significant shift in confidence and libido.

Penis Enlargement FAQ

How thick are most penises?

The average penis has a girth of five inches.

How long are most penises?

The average penis is about six inches, though it varies by ethnicity and country.

Do women have a preference for size?

Yes and no.  Most women prefer a penis that is average to a little above average.  If it is too small, it is often incapable of satisfying her sexual needs – but if its too big, it can be cumbersome and even painful during intercourse.

Is it possible to increase the size of a penis?

Yes, but it requires patience and dedication.  Penis size is a difficult thing to have absolute information on because of the uniqueness of every male’s endowment, but there are methods that work well.

How is it possible?

There are a couple popular methods that Male Enhancement HQ covers in detail.  Usually, most methods involve some degree of stretching.  Penis pills slowly increase the blood capacity of the penis by expanding the corpus cavernosum penis, the sponge-like tissue responsible for erections.  Penis extenders and exercises both gently stretch the penis out from the outside, stimulating new growth and a longer length and girth.

How long does it take to see results?

Some men experience results in a matter of weeks; for others, it is a long arduous process.  It depends entirely on the original size of your penis, diet, methods used and consistency of your approach.  Some methods will simply not work if not done every day.  That said, diligence and attention to what works best for you often equate to visible changes in about three months.

How much can I realistically add to the length of my penis?

Again, it depends.  It is very unlikely you will add more than three inches though there men who have reported gains of over four inches, an impressive but rare feat.  Typically, successful men witness an improvement of about an inch or two.

I’m older.  Is it possible to see results?

Yes.  It requires a bit more dedication, but believe it or not, older men are often the most successful because of their ability to focus on the problem at hand.

I’m overweight.  Does this influence my gains?

It can.  Most penis pills work by increasing blood circulation and being overweight has a negative effect on this.  However, if you have a small penis and are overweight, there may be more obvious solutions for you.  A small penis is often the result of fat covering the shaft of the penis.  Lose weight, and you’ll see the inches come fast.

How do I expand my penis’s length?

There are two common ways – enhancing blood flow or stretching the penis.  However, stretching is not the same as masturbating – think of it like milking a cow, as weird as that sounds.

Common Questions About Penis Exercises

How do I jelq properly?

It’s all in the grip.  Apply too much pressure, and you’ll prevent blood flow.  Too little, and it won’t be encouraged.  Practice makes perfect – you will find an equilibrium that works for you.  Whatever you do, don’t bruise yourself!  It should be comfortable – but not sexually pleasurable.  Believe it or not, you will know when you do it right – jelqing feels a peculiar way.

Does it matter when I practice penis exercises?

Not especially.  Some men find it is best if they do it at the same time every day, but others claim it makes no difference at all.  Find what works for you.

Should I exercise more than once a day?

No.  You can bruise yourself and do damage.  The body needs 24 hours to recuperate after any form of exertion, and that stands as true for penis exercise as it does for weight lifting or running.

Should I do exercises every day?

There is some debate here.  Some men insist doing it every day, others argue for five days and taking a break on the weekend so the body can rebuild.  We think it is best to do it every 24 hours or so, giving the penis time to respond to the exercise.  However, this is again a point where you can use your own discretion – you will find what works best for you.

How long should I exercise for?

It depends on the exercise, of course, but one thing we can recommend is being consistent.  Do it for the same amount of time each time, and make sure you do a thorough job.  Five or ten minutes is usually enough, but follow the prescriptions of whatever regimen you have chosen.

Can I take breaks from the exercises?

We think long breaks should be avoided, but certainly take short ones.  It permits for recuperation.  But don’t take too much time off – you might throw yourself into a funk.  Stick with it.

Can I have sex after the exercise?

Wait.  You don’t want to hurt your penis immediately after.  However, some men experience no problems with sexual intercourse after exercising, so it is at your discretion.  If it starts to hurt, though, stop!

Can I break up the exercise program into chunks?

Yes.  Sometimes its best to do it this way because the exercises can take a while and you, after all, have a schedule of your own.  It does not typically impact the success of the program you have, provided you make sure you do them.  However, pay attention to whatever rules you are supposed to be following.

Should I use lotions for jelqing?

No.  Use lubricants or baby oil.  Lotions often dry out and are thus not effective for jelqing.

I lose my grip during stretching.  How do I avoid this?

Use talcum powder.  It’s cheap and easy to get, and provides the perfect grip you need for penis exercises.

Should I trim my pubic hair?

If it interferes with your exercises, sure.  You can also do it for cosmetic reasons :)

Should I do warm-up exercises?

Absolutely!  Adhering to a steady warm-up routine before exercise is important for any form of physical activity, including penis exercising.  Warming up with gentle massaging ensures you do not harm yourself.

Should I warm down, too?

Yes.  Warming down is also very important – like warming up, it helps prevent injury and also promotes gains.  Make it a gentle massage, but don’t masturbate.  That’s a different beast entirely.

I keep getting an erection – should I prevent this?  How do I?

Ideally, you exercise your penis without an erection – it is harder to get the tissue to respond the way you want it to if you are at full mast.  However, we understand this can be hard to do.  You can probably come up with ways of turning yourself off; if you cannot, we recommend an approach significantly different than how you masturbate – doing so will avoid the psychological triggers associated with orgasm.  If you do start to get an erection, simply stop for a minute and let it go away.

I ejaculated.  What now?

Don’t ejaculate!  Penis exercises are not the same as masturbation!  Ejaculation causes the penis to constrict and testosterone levels to drop, the exact opposite of what you need to stimulate penile growth.  Again, if you begin to get an erection, slow down or stop.

These exercises make my penis sore.  Is this normal?

Yes.  Especially, you have just started, you may feel sore.  The first couple weeks often cause you to be sore because the penis is doing something it has never tried before.   However, if it is really intense, you may be doing it wrong.  Take a couple day break and lower the intensity of your exercising.  There’s no sense in hurting yourself.  If it persists, do a more careful warm-up.

Can I change my exercise routine?

Many programs emphasize consistency, so its best to keep that going.  However, sometimes mixing it up can cause the biggest gains – if you think you have a good idea, why not try it?  Just make sure it isn’t dangerous or painful!

I’m uncircumcised.  Does it matter that I have foreskin?


How long are exercises supposed to be followed?

If you wanted, you could do them your whole life.  However, this doesn’t mean you’ll keep growing – there is a natural size limit for everyone.  Obviously, you can’t grow forever – no one has a three foot penis!  Nevertheless, they can keep your genitalia healthy and things will work better if you keep doing the exercises.

How do I improve my penis health in every day terms?

Don’t smoke.  Drink less.  Avoid a lot of drugs, especially MDMA and marijuana.  These wreak havoc on your penis’s ability to function properly.
Exercise daily.  Increased circulation is the number one factor in penis health and function.  Eat healthy too.  And be less stressed in your daily life – stress has a huge influence on cardiovascular (and thus penile) health.

Do vitamins interfere with penis exercises?

No.  In fact, they help a lot.  Some men find supplemental penis pills to be the perfect match for exercises.  We happen to agree :)

Are there any foods I should eat?

Not particularly, but eating healthy and staying in shape are arguably better for penis health than anything else you can do.  Whatever your doctor tells you is optimal; a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is obviously a good idea.

Common Questions Concerning Penis Enlargement Supplements

Do penis pills work?

Yes and no.  We’ll start with saying there are a lot of scams out there offering $100 dollar bottles of table salt.  However, some do work.  We have included reviews of several that we think work on this website, and you are welcome to peruse our reviews and testimonial commentary.

How do they work?

Penis enlargement pills operate similarly to most exercises.  They promote blood flow and an increased blood capacity.  They differ in some respects because some pills have aphrodisiacal qualities that increase libido and decrease erectile dysfunction.

What are patches?

Patches work almost identically to pills.  Some men think they work more effectively than pills, however.  For what it’s worth, we believe it is easier to take a pill than wear a patch.

Common Questions Concerning Penis Enlargement Devices

What are enlargement devices?

Enlargement devices are small vices that gently tug on the penis and promote micro fissures in the tissue and the repair of them.  They are sometimes uncomfortable but there are models we have reviewed that are widely considered to be easy to use and barely noticeable.

Should I stretch if I wear one of these?

We don’t feel its necessary, but you can if you want to.  However, some men report bigger gains doing both. If you do choose to exercise and wear a device, we suggest you don’t push it too far – the penis is a sensitive organ, after all!

Miscellaneous Questions

What is a “PC muscle”?

Pubococcygeus muscle.  It is the muscle surrounding your penis, anus, and prostrate, and is also known as the muscle of “love”. Strengthening it can result in better orgasms and ejaculations; it does not, however, effect the size of your penis in any way.

My penis is curved.  How can I fix this?

Wearing a penis extender, believe it or not, is a medically prescribed way for fixing this problem.  We recommend ProExtender.  However, a curved penis can also be fixed by diligent penis exercises, which loosen up whichever side is tighter (and thus causing the curve).

I am impotent.  How can I fix this?

Strengthening your PC muscle can do wonders on your inability to sustain an erection.  Consistent exercising the PC muscle is a good way of ensuring you have erection control.

I got the gains I want.  Will they stay?

Yes, but be sure to keep doing some sort of exercise semi-regularly.  While it is unlikely it will recede, it’s not a guarantee.  Once or twice a week should suffice.