VigRX Plus Review for Penis Enlargement

VigRx Plus is a commonly used dietary supplement geared towards penis enlargement and increasing libido and stamina.  VigRx Plus advertises itself as giving males a larger erection through the expansion of blood vessels in the penis.

Some people consider it among the most effective natural methods for increasing the girth and length of the penis.  It works by increasing the amount of blood flow to the penis, leading to the expansion of the penis when erect.

VigRx Plus does not increase the size of the penis when it is flaccid, as the enlargement is caused by expanded blood vessels and NOT external epidermal tissue.

What is VigRx Plus?

VigRx Plus contains the following ingredients:

 -A South American shrub widely used for tea, it is considered a herbal remedy for many maladies, including infertility, impotency, and fibromyalgia.  Recent research done by Californian scientists suggests it is highly beneficial to reproductive organs in both men and women.
Epimedium – Known variously as the Rowdy Lamb Herb, Bishop’s Hat the raunch Horny Goat Weed and in China as Yin Yang Huo, Epimedium is regarded throughout the Far East and surrounding areas as a potent aphrodesiac.  Epimedium is distinguished by the compound icariin, a chemical frequently extratrd from the plant for use in traditional Chinese medicine for a host of symptoms, including erectile dysfuntion and inadequate penis size.  In addition, Western researchers in Italy have shown icariin to be effective in relaxing smooth muscle, the muscle surrounding blood vessels and organs, making it useful in the expansion of blood capacity in the penis for larger erections.
Tribulus Terrestris – Famous for its annoying thorns that can flatten bicycle tires, Tribulus terristris has been used as an aphrodesiac for thousands of years in traditional Indian medicine, where it is known as “gokshura”.   The active chemical in Tribulus terrestris is protodioscin, which has been extensively researched in studies.  Protodioscin enhances the sex drive of lab rats and also has been shown to increase their erection size.
Cuscuta Seed Extract – Also known as the Devil’s Guts, Goldthread, and Hailweed, Cuscuta is a bizarre parasitic plant that leeches the nutrients of trees and other plants.  Cuscuta is included in the VigRx Plus cocktail for its unique ability to increase sperm count, as indicated in recent scientific studies.
Ginkgo Biloba – Gingkgo Biloba is just being discoverd by the Western world.  Alleged to improve memory and attention spans in adults, it is coming under increased scrutiny as new studies have shown these claims to be dubious at best.  However, Ginkgo Biloba has other features, most notably its effects as a smooth muscle relaxant.  Gingko Biloba is considered by many people to be at par with Viagra in curing erectile dysfuntion, but unlike Viagra, it is an all natural alternative.
Ginseng – Athletes were the first to discover Ginseng’s powers in the West, as many people have discovered it has a very positive effect on physical performance because of its stimulant qualities.  Ginseng has also been indicated as a natural stress reliever, and most importantly, it is a well-known and proven libido enhancer.  A 2002 analysis done by the School of Medicine of Southern Illinois University witnessed increased sexual frequency and penis growth among lab rats.
Saw Palmetto Berry – A small shrub found throughout the Appalachian United States, Saw Palmetto, also known as Serenoa, Saw Palmetto is rich in fatty acids and extracts of the fruit of the plant have been proven to be extremely beneficial for the lower urinary tract, which includes the penis.  It enhances blood flow in the penis as well.
Catuaba – Catuaba comes from the bark of a tree that grows in the Amazonian rainforests of Brazil and Columbia.  Indigineous peoples of the area have held for generations that it is a potent aphrodesiac as well as brain stimulant, offering a clearer mind and more aggressive libido.
Muira Pauma – Muira Pauma comes from one of the most remote areas of earth, from the jungles of the Rio Negra in Northern Brazil.  It is a popular herbal remedy for sexual dysfunction, and many hold it as a potent penis enlarger.  Recently revealed to the world, it is currently under study by a number of leading research institutions.
Hawthorn Berry – Used in naturopathic medicine as a digestive aid, Hawthorn berries are a excellent way to get the circulatory system to open up.  Clinical trials have shown it enhances exercise abilities in people and can cause smooth muscle in the penis to relax, leading to a larger erection.
Bioperine – Bioperine is a pepper-derived organic chemical that enhances the effects of whatever it is eaten with by increasing absorption.  It is included in VigRx Plus to enhance the numerous compounds present in it.

Does VigRx Plus work?

With so many drugs on the market, its hard to tell which work and which do not, which are scams and which are the straight dope.  There are the drugs that don’t work, period – these are often made out of sugar and don’t do anything.

There are the drugs that advertise ridiculous claims – six inches in two months, an inch in a week.

How can you tell?  Usually, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

VigRx Plus is in a different class of penis enlargement pills because it advertises conservative, steady gains over a period of months.  The debate whether it works basically depends on who you ask.

Many scientists outside of the purview of Western pharmaceutical companies have shown the drug to be effective in solving problems of male impotence, erectile dysfunction and, yes, penis size.

Supplements like VigRx Plus come under attack because many people erroneously believe simple herbs cannot fix anything.

However, as recent studies have demonstrated with a glass of orange is a much better source of nutrients than a simple vitamin C pill, the truth is anything but that.

The nutrients in VigRx Plus range from the tried and true – Ginseng and Saw Palmetto and Epimedium – to recent, promising experimental herbs like catuaba and muira pauma from the Amazon basin.

Millions of men all over the world have used these herbs individually with great success, and the combination in VigRx Plus is an invigorating and exciting alternative to the plethora of dangerous surgical techniques and fake pills out there.

Is VigRx Plus safe?

Yes.  VigRx Plus is 100% all natural, and no negative side effects have been reported excepting for insomnia, which some people experience on account of the ginseng in it.  However, negative side effects only appear if way too much of the supplement is taken.

Is VigRx Plus affordable?

While VigRx Plus is on the upper end of penis enlargement medications, it is well worth the investment.  A single month’s supply costs about $50 depending on the provider; you will find that some companies mark it up significantly more than others so be sure to shop around.  Additionally, VigRx Plus can be bought in bulk.

Bottom Line

VigRx Plus is a healthy, all-natural solution to anxieties about penis size.  VigRx Plus has a high level of customer satisfaction, with many customers continuing to use it even after their penis has increased in size due to the other health benefits it provides.  If you are shopping around for penis enlargement products, then give VigRx Plus a try.  You will not be disappointed.